Why be a fish in a bowl when you can be a fish in the sea? There are things animals should never become: a tiger should not become a rug; a cheetah or leopard should not become a coat; a snake should not become an over-sized purse; a crocodile should not become boots; elephant tusk should not become an ornament and a fox’ tail should not be attached to your bag (it is scary). The list could go continue. Long have we human’s placed ourselves and our priorities at the top of the pyramid and little seems to have changed. Hunting wild animals was a popular ‘sport’ and past-time of the rich in particular during imperial times and was often referred to as a ‘gentleman’s sport’. To return from a days shooting with a tiger was a prized experience.

Perhaps in times gone by we could forgive the reindeer boots and the black bear coats because minus Celsius in a time that pre-dates central heating perhaps justifies this response. Not any more.These days the value of owning exotic animals be it alive, as a rug or a head or most commonly on ones back is impossibly high and connected only with status- an entirely human construct. The rich and famous are the biggest perpetrators of wearing such incredulous and unnecessary clothing. Quite naturally when you consider that some of the coats can cost as much as a small car.

If we were to name and shame the celebrities who fashion these furs without remorse we would certainly mention Kate Moss. Kate Moss- fashionista and style icon the world over is often referenced in well regarded fashion ‘Bibles’ and endorsed by the likes of Vogue’s editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour (who incidentally is also partial to fur). Judging by the pictures, it is as if Moss has single-handedly organised the slaughter of an entire Safari park to obtain her winter wardrobe. Moss is certainly not concerned with the preoccupations of the WWF or PETA, the latter actively name and shame Moss as a famous fur perpetrator.

If the people who wear fur attended a film screening that documented a step-by-step guide of how their fur became a coat, we do not doubt that the heart strings of some if not all, would make them think twice about buying fur entirely. It does not take one much time in finding a video on youtube that documents the heart-wrenching agony of the animals. Those with a conscience will be moved to tears. The high street today offers an excellent selection of faux furs which makes the continued sale of real fur products even lowlier in our minds.

Leather, people might argue is as bad as fur. Leather is a bi-product of the animal after it is slaughtered for its meat and therefore this cannot be condemned as a practise that is serving one vacuous element of society- style- rather the agricultural animal is reared for meat. Providing the animal is kept in a condition that meets freedom food or organic standards this is by far the fairer alternative if you want to wear animal derived clothing.

We need to hold more than Kate Moss to account. The Kardashians, Sharon Stone, the Oslen sisters, Sienna Miller, Madonna, Christina Ricci, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna and countless more all wear and effectively promote fur.

Some celebrities endorse fur, but others are against it and work with PETA to demonstrate as much. See below.


natalie imbruglia peta

pink against fur peta


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